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11 am - 4 pm

Brunch Mains

Breakfast Scramble (gf) 11

Choice of:

White Onions | Mushrooms | Bell Peppers | Spinach Cheddar | Feta | Pepper Jack


Additional Protein Options

Bacon | Sausage (chicken or pork) +3

Smoked Salmon | Shrimp +6

*Cilantro Garnish Optional


Belgian Waffle (v) 8

with maple syrup, powdered sugar, seasonal berries, and whipped cream

French Toast (3) (v) 11

with maple syrup, powdered sugar, seasonal berries, and whipped cream

Build-Your-Own Parfait (v/) 8

Choice of:

Granola | Blueberries | Strawberries | Bananas | Honey | Chia Seeds | Brown Sugar | Cinnamon

Non-Dairy Yogurt (v+) +3

available upon request

Brunch Sides

Breakfast Meats (gf)

Candied Bacon(3) 4

Sausage (chicken or pork)(3) 4

Smoked Salmon 6

Breakfast Potatoes (v) (gf) 4

Fingerling potatoes tossed in a garlic herb blend


Two Eggs (gf) 4

Fruit (v+) (gf) 3

Blueberries | Strawberries | Bananas


served with butter and berry jalapeño jam 2

Sourdough Baguette | Croissants


(v) = Vegetarian | (v+) = Vegan | (gf) = Gluten


 4 pm— 2 am

Dinner Mains

Jerk Chicken Wings(6) 11

served with spicy pineapple sauce and pickled carrots


Street Tacos(3)  (gf)

Choice of:

Jerk Chicken | Birria Beef (+2) | Jerk Shrimp (+3)

add cotija cheese +2

add crema +1


Steak Bites

served medium (well done upon request) 16

marinated 8oz steak served with house chimichurri and arugula

add blue cheese crumbles +2


Jerk Chicken Caesar Salad 13

hand-tossed romaine, arugula, parmesan and house-made croutons in caesar dressing

sub shrimp (3) +4

G$GC 12

(Grilled Shrimp Grilled Cheese)

rustic sourdough topped with smoked gouda and jerk shrimp with a side of triple cheddar truffle sauce


Dinner Sides

Cajun Fries (v+) (gf) 4

french fries tossed in cajun spice blend served with ketchup


Roasted Corn Elote (v) (gf) 6

roasted corn topped with house-made elote sauce, roasted jalapeño peppers, limes, cotija cheese and traditional mexican spice blend

Triple Cheddar Truffle Dip (gf) 5

with corn tortilla chips

sub cajun fries +2

add salsa +3

add jerk chicken +2

add jerk shrimp +3

Triple Cheddar Truffle Pasta (v) 7

gf available upon request +3

Field Greens Salad (v+) (gf) 5

cherry tomatoes, red onion, pickled carrots, apple vinaigrette

(v) = Vegetarian | (v+) = Vegan | (gf) = Gluten


NY Cheesecake with fresh strawberries 6

Assorted Macarons(6) (gf) 6

Chocolate Cake 6

(gf) = Gluten Free

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